Government should reflect the needs and desires of the people it is meant to represent. Transparency, accountability, and connection are essential for success. Let me be your voice, and together we will move Salt Lake City to greater heights. I as a Public Defender, and a long-time resident of the district,  have a unique perspective on the issues.



The rapid development of Sugar House has shown the volatility of our infrastructure. Our roads are in need of massive repair and our sewer, water, and power systems are aging. As development continues, we must be considerate of how we are caring for our infrastructure. I would like to explore the use of impact fees and how those fees can be used to help rebuild our infrastructure without undue burden to the taxpayer. Our neighborhoods are suffering the consequences for the lack of consciousness when planning for the future.



With more development in Sugar House has come more traffic. This traffic is a tax on our roads and on our health and well-being. While Sugar House has a lot of opportunities for alternative travel like walking, biking, and public transit, many of us still must travel by car to get to and from our jobs and homes. I would like to work with the Salt Lake City Transportation Department to find opportunities to alleviate traffic concerns, increase safety, and promote public transit opportunities



Sugar House a deserves a sustainable future. Sustainable development, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable transportation, sustainable neighborhoods, and sustainable character. The legacy of Sugar House is enduring. We must hold this legacy in esteem while looking to the future to create a sustainable Sugar House. LEARN MORE


Public Transit

With more development in Sugar House has come more traffic. However, we have a great resource and opportunity in the S-line to build a better transit model in our developing neighborhood. I would like to work with developers, property managers, the city council, the mayor, and UTA to find a path towards providing transit passes as part of rents and condo fees or at reduced prices to neighbors living in transit-oriented developments. I would also like to work with UTA to make the S-line and other transit in our neighborhood more accessible to all with broader scheduling and sliding fares.



Utahns who suffer from homelessness are not a “problem,” they are members of our community who need a wide range of access to resources. We can do more and better. In addition to our nationally applauded housing first approach, we still need to sufficiently fund programs that offer mental health and substance abuse resources.

Our city needs a policy to combat homelessness, but more importantly its root causes. This will require coordination and cooperation from all of us including, all levels of government, private and nonprofit entities, and especially community members. I believe that we can do better. 

ABOUT AMY: I am a Utah native, alumni of the UofU Law School, and have lived in Sugar House for almost 8 years. I have traveled the world, but I believe it is necessary to make a difference in my own backyard. In 2013,  I co-founded the LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah, and in 2014 I joined the public defender’s office (LDA). I’ve been involved in my community for a while now, from protecting open space, to make sure the city hears our concerns when making important decisions. 


Amy has lived in Salt Lake City District 7 for almost 8 years. She has been involved in many local issues, from homeless shelter options, traffic issues, S-Line, to maintaining open space. Amy believes that we need a stronger voice in the City Council. We need to make sure our concerns are heard. 


Amy has been a supporter of smart development. Development will happen while our population keeps growing but we must also keep the character of Sugar House. As a Public Defender, Amy is an expert on homelessness issues. Amy would be a great addition to the Council so we can bring all the actors together to find long time solutions to this complex issue. 

Our Neighborhood

Let me tell you about a few issues we are facing in our district.



Transportation, traffic, and growth are three issues that need to be addressed side by side. Our neighborhoods are booming, development is happening, it seems, in every corner. The city leadership needs to look at the future and see what issues we are going to face. It is important for our city to pay attention to road maintenance, accessible (and regular) public transportation, while also looking to traffic congestion and bicycle lines.

District 7 encompasses a wide range of diversity – from varying socioeconomic populations to a variety of ethnic backgrounds – and while these different communities may struggle with differing issues, everyone wants to live in an area that is safe, affordable and enjoyable.

Understanding that these basic desires connect all of the different communities, allows us to come together to find solutions that benefit everyone while not compromising the reason(s) why we all decided to live in this area of Salt Lake City.



Sugar House deserves a sustainable future. Sustainable development, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable transportation, sustainable neighborhoods, and sustainable character.

Sugar House is a neighborhood of diverse character. Many of us chose this neighborhood to put down our roots because of its central location, historic character, and diversity. In recent years, Sugar House has seen a boom in development. Utah as a whole is seeing record growth. Many people are looking to locate in Sugar House for many of the same reasons we chose to locate here. While growth and development are not likely to stop anytime soon, it should be done with mindfulness and in a manner that looks at the long term sustainability of the neighborhood.



The legacy of Sugar House is enduring. We must hold this legacy in esteem while looking to the future to create a sustainable Sugar House. From the Prison in the today Sugar House Park to the many businesses that made our neighborhood special (Granite Furniture, Snelgrove Ice cream, Redman, and many others) we value the important heritage from Sugar House (and District 7).

Our city will grow, but we can’t lose our personality, and maybe the reasons why we moved here in the first place.  I am a big proponent of protecting our heritage while allowing smart and sustainable growth in our neighborhoods. We can’t leave the neighbors without an opinion. We all need a voice in the decisions that will affect our families.

Find out if you live in District 7

Who Supports Amy

Amy has the support of many local leaders. From County Council Members, City Leaders, State Leaders. Check this section to see who supports Amy’s race.

I’ve known Amy for years now, I know she will listen to the concerns of her district. Sugar House needs a council member that has been committed to solving the issues we face. Look at Amy and her past involvement to know that she is your candidate. – Arlyn Bradshaw – County Council

Arlyn Bradshaw

County Council

Amy is the person for the job! I support her run to represent my neighboring district.

Gene Davis

State Senate

Amy and I ran against each other in 2015. Throughout all that race Amy demonstrated her commitment to the residents of Utah and her passion for making our city better. I endorse Amy to be our next Council member from SLC7. Lynn Hemingway – Utah House District 40

Lynn Hemingway

State House

Amy is the right person for the job. She is a Public Defender and a long-time community activist that cares to listen and is fearless to tackle the most complex issues our city faces. I gladly endorse Amy Fowler. – Sam Granato – County Council

Sam Granato

County Council – Salt Lake City

I remember when I met Amy the first time. She impressed me from the first moment. We need council members that can bring people to the table, and openly discuss solutions for our city. Amy for SLC Council 7!

Jim Dabakis

Utah State Senator

Amy understands the intricacies of County and City politics. She will also bring to the table a unique perspective that is greatly needed.  – Jenny Wilson 

Jenny Wilson

County Council – At-Large

I support Amy Fowler – Soren Simonsen

Soren Simonsen

Former Council Member – Salt Lake City

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We are proud to support Amy Fowler in her pursuit to for Salt Lake City Council – District 7. Please click here for more information on OTW Safety.

OTW Safety

Local Business

Like so many of our other neighbors, I believe that our voices in District 7 should be represented when the city makes decisions. Amy is a public defender with a unique, professional perspective on many of the issues facing our neighborhoods. She’s a proud SLC native and UofU alumnus, and I’ve seen up close how passionate she is on important issues like managing development, homelessness, transit, public safety, and much more! Besides being a brilliant attorney and eminently qualified to sit on our city council, Amy is a deeply thoughtful and compassionate. She’s likable, approachable and most importantly she will truly LISTEN to the people she represents. 

Leslie Reberg

Adviser to Councilman Granato – SLC 7 Community Member

Updated List of Supporters July 28th
Representative Elizabeth Weight
Leslie Reberg – Community Advocate / Senior Policy Adviser to Sam Granato
Jim Bradley – County Council -At Large
Topher and Aimee Horman – Community Advocate / fmr. SLC 7 Candidate
Deb Henry – Community Advocate / Fmr SLC 7 Candidate
Equality Utah
Utah Federation of Labor
Utah Stonewall Caucus
Public Employees Caucus
Young Democrat Caucus
Women’s Democratic Caucus
Alejandro Puy
Will Kocher

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